Prismatica is a privately owned company headquartered in Virginia with satellite offices in Canada and India.

In 2018, our first client came to us with an unsolved, widely relatable ALM performance analysis problem that inspired us to create and introduce Prismatica into the AGILE workforce.

We created Prismatica, a suite of business intelligence tools to better assess the health of agile software development processes and give insight into overall performance of agile life-cycle activities. Enabling a 360-degree view of the outcomes collected from ALM tools like JIRA, Jenkins, Code scanner, Bitbucket and other ALM tools, Prismatica enables managers and team leads to make better decisions to optimize and enhance their CI/CD pipeline. Prismatica is customizable, intuitive to use and can be used at any level of your organization depending on your specific needs.

Client-proven, Prismatica cuts the time it takes to manually collect disparate data, increases productivity, and provides intelligence to improve the DevSecOps operations.

Prismatica is not just a product, we are a community where we collaborate with you to enhance your ALM needs. Not only will we give you unparalleled resources, we will stick by your side every step of the way!

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