Specialized Prismatica Module

Smart QA Dashboard that provides widget customization, test suite drill-down and navigation, active interaction with test suites in DevOps pipelines, and automation of productivity reports

  • QA Data in one Place

    Prismatica SQATA combines quality-related metrics from various source systems to provide a unified, integrated interface for qualitative decision enabling information. Data captured about test cases, test automation progress, execution performance, defects, and code quality will facilitate more comprehensive, accurate reporting. With a collection of customizable as well as built-in reports, SQATA generates reports in real time

  • Interact with your Jenkins pipeline

    Connect with Jenkins and trigger seamless execution of QA jobs, monitor execution status, examine logs, and view reports, all with a unified user-friendly interface. Our Test Failure Insights feature uses AI to analyze issues by scanning Jenkins output logs and help troubleshoot problems that are likely the root-causes of failure

  • Obtain better visibility into testing and outcomes

    The automation test case navigator makes trends and common testing problems easy to identify. Instantly drill down into your jobs to see the test case execution history by build. Our specialized timeline and job views allow the data to be visualized from different perspectives for results to be compared across projects, jobs, builds, and time dimensions